SEO for Multi-Language Websites: hreflang tag guide

Optimizing a web project is already a difficult task in itself, but there is a particular type of site that can make any SEO shiver: the highly feared multi-language websites. SEO for multi-language sites is difficult for two reasons: it involves managing multiple versions of the same site in parallel, and connecting them in a seamless way. The documentation in this regard is often incomplete or contradictory: Google's guidelines

April 1st, 2020|HTML, SEO, Tutorial|0 Comments

How to embed a responsive YouTube video into a website

If you've ever found yourself having to embed a YouTube video (or even worse, many YouTube videos) into any web page, then you know how this seemingly simple operation can be very frustrating, and hindering the user experience. Let's find out why. The "classic" method (the one officially provided by YouTube) to embed a video is the usage of the iframe tag. The code we all know looks something

March 23rd, 2020|CSS, HTML, JS, Tutorial|0 Comments
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